FBSender - Facebook Marketing

It is a Revolutionary, World's Very First,Most Powerful and Complete Facebook Messenger Marketing Software.

Key Features : FBSender - Facebook Marketing

More Powerful than Email marketing!

Multiple Facebook Account

Able to import multiple Facebook accounts.


Auto Reply

Allows you to set comment auto reply and comment private reply.

Bulk Message Sending

Send bulk message to your Messenger leads.

Complete Facebook Poster

You Can Post Text,Image,Link,Video or carousel/video to your Facebook page.

Detailed Features

FBSender - Facebook Marketing is now not only Messenger marketing tools, but also have most complete page’s posting features that can outrun any other Facebook posting tools existing in the market.

Send Bulk Message

Has the feature of sending BULK messages without app approval.

Auto Comment Reply

Has the feature of sending auto reply to your post’s commenters comments.

Auto Private Reply

Has the feature of sending auto replies into your post’s commenters inbox.

Auto Comment Like

Has the feature of auto like your page’s new posts.

Text/Image/Video/Link Post

Has the feature of posting all types into Facebook pages.

Page Message Manager

Helps you to see unread messages,send replies and also has chatting facilities

Bulk Message Sending


Bulk Message Sending is one the key features of FBSender - Facebook Marketing. You can send Bulk messages to your messenger leads.

Import Account

Import Your Facebook Account just click on Login With Facebook button.

Sync Page Leads

You can sync all leads who are already in a conversation with your page or you have sent private reply.

Create Campaigns

There are three types of campaigns. You can send to multi-page campaign or multi-group campaign or to custom campaign.

Full Delivery Reports

You will able to see the full campaign delivery reports,where you will find the final report.

About Our App


World’s very first,most powerful and complete Facebook messenger marketing software.

FBSender - Facebook Marketing -Master Facebook Messenger Marketing Software

FBSender - Facebook Marketing is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. Facebook is providing some technique for marketing that are hidden and nobody knows yet. Facebook doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use this powerful feature. It’s possible by using some good programming knowledge only. The most interesting part is , it’s totally free marketing that is 50 times better than email marketing. We have made a tools for our own business and got massive success that you can’t imagine. FBSender - Facebook Marketing is the world first bulk message sender to Facebook messanger subscriber. It’s the best alternative of email marketing which is more powerful.

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Awesome App

FBSender - Facebook Marketing is the world first bulk message sender to Facebook messanger subscriber. It’s the best alternative of email marketing which is more powerful.

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Broadcast to 1000s+ of Subscribers Instantly

This is new age auto-responder and bulk messaging tool to remain in touch with customers and subscribers with 100% in-boxing & open rate guaranteed

Send Auto-Set Message in Fb Messenger

Based on usage of specific words on post or hashtags mentioned on comments

Message Entire FB Page

Message any entire FB page in messenger with just 1 click

Send Auto-Set Reply in Fb Messenger

Based on specific words or hashtag used in the message received

Post Auto-Set Comment on Fb Posts

Based on specific keywords or phrase

Any Automated Replies to Your Broadcast

Fb Inboxer has ability to give any reply to you broadcast with canned response

Increase Overall Viewership, Engagement & Exposure

Increase overall viewership, engagement & exposure by alerting fb messenger list for new updates

Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software

Access from anywhere using our newbie friendly & fully cloud-based software

Convert All Your Email Subscribers In 1 Click

Convert all your email subscribers to your Fb Messenger subscribers In 1 click

Fb Inboxer Messenger Analytics

To enable you to check your campaigns engagement

Complete Step-by-Step Video Training

Complete step-by-step video training and tutorials

Grow All Your Fanpages

Grow 1 Fan page using other Fan pages & replicate process for all Fan pages

Use As Fb Live Chat On Website

Interact with your visitors and automatically add them on your fb messenger list

Use as Support Desk Sistem

Offer support to your clients and automatically add them to your messenger list

Interactive FAQ, Coupon Codes, Surveys

You can send any type of offer to your clients, your imagination is the limit …

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Director of Marketing, Vienna Beef LTD

“We more than tripled site traffic after our redesign and we've been partnering with those web nerds ever since. Shopping cart abandonment is down, sales are up. HOT DOG!”



Digital ScientistFounder, The Road Less Traveled

“Without question, choosing fbinboxer to promote our website was the best business decision I've made in 25 years of being in business.”

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